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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 5.7L with Water Circulation
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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 5.7L with Water Circulation

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  • Stainless steel tank
  • With free basket & watch holder
  • Open transparent lid automatically
  • Classical and portable design
  • Deep cleanings and sterilizes
  • Green and eco-friendly product


Frequency 40kHz
Material Stainless Steel
Outer Dimensions L x W x H) (mm) 325 x 175 x 290
Power 150W
Tank Capacity 5.7
Tank Deminsion LxWxH (mm) 300 x 153  x 150
Temperature 0~80/35~175(°C/°F)
Timer Range 5~60min
Voltage 100



Precision: Because ultrasonic energy can penetrate subtle cracks and holes, it can be applied with any parts or assemblies cleaning. Be cleaned pieces are precision parts or assemblies, the ultrasonic cleaning often become able to meet their specific technical requirements unique cleaning method;

Fast: ultrasonic cleaning workpiece relative to conventional cleaning methods in dust cleaning areas much faster. Assembly can be cleaned without disassembly. Ultrasonic cleaning can be labor-saving advantages tend to make it the most economical way of cleaning;

Uniformity: Regardless of pieces to be cleaned is large or small, simple or complex, single or in bulk or in automatic assembly line, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can get unmatched uniformity manual cleaning cleanliness.

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