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Shibazi Cleaver Slicing G2001-A1 Bone Cutting Set
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Shibazi Cleaver Slicing G2001-A1 Bone Cutting Set

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SHIBAZI cleaver bone knife, preferably quenching, heat treatment technology parameters, improve tool hardness, toughness and integrated use of performance; are ideal for the modern family. Chop bone knife handle applications ergonomic principles, using high grade stainless steel casting made with corrosion-resistant, solid and stable, high-end health and other characteristics; cutter body using metal laser anti-counterfeit marking, clear graphics and detailed, and beautiful. Surface on both sides with anti-corrosion, easy to re-wear characteristics, high strength cutting edge tool to fully meet another excellent anti-rust performance. 
Material : three composite steel

Handle : Stainless Steel

Handle Size : 110mm

Size : 165 (L) x 80 (W) mm

Content Include:

1 x Shibazi Cleaver

1 x Beautiful & Classic Cleaver Plastic Stand

1 x Cleaver Knife Sharpening Rod

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