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Shibazi Cleaver Slicing G2001-B Set
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Shibazi Cleaver Slicing G2001-B Set

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SKU: G2001-B Set
Weight: 800 grams
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SHIBAZI steel blade knife, composite stainless steel, steel core made of high strength (high-carbon high-chromium) alloy composite material as a base material, the surface on both sides of the use of strong corrosion resistance, toughness, good low-carbon steel through modern production techniques to complex, made knife blanks, then by rigorous hardening heat treatment process, the use of materials of different coefficients of expansion can give full play to the superiority of the two steel. Hand tool on both sides of the surface after grinding repeatedly exposed steel core edge sharpness value is high, long-lasting durability. Surface on both sides with anti-corrosion, easy to re-wear characteristics, high strength cutting edge tool to fully meet another excellent anti-rust performance. 

Material : three composite steel

Handle : Stainless Steel

Handle Size : 120mm

Size : 180 (L) x 78 (W) mm

Content Include:

1 x Shibazi Cleaver

1 x Beautiful & Classic Cleaver Plastic Stand

1 x Cleaver Knife Sharpening Rod

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