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Touch DIY Filter Touch Airbrush Compressor Package
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Touch DIY Filter Touch Airbrush Compressor Package

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SKU: Touch-DIY-100100500101
Weight: 5 kg, 0 grams
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Package Include:

Filter Touch Compressor x 1
Airbrush Combed Hose x 1
Airbrush Stand x 1
Airbrush Gun (choosable nozzle size 0.3mm or 0.35mm) x 2



  • This High Performance compressor has been designed for users who need high quality spraying effect. Maintenance free, Single Cylinder Piston and Quiet.

  • Powerful Air Pressure (PSI) at 1/5 Horsepower, delivers more air volume than any airbrush demands.

  • Precise Air Adjustment with Gauge and Water Trap Filter that provides precise adjustment of airflow and will ensure clean, dry air.

  • Auto-stop Energy Saving: Pressure start at 43 PSI and stop at 57 PSI when not spraying. This enables a longer compressor life from less motor wear and heat moisture.

  • Internal hot protection device, the compressor will auto cut off the power when its about to over heat, and reset after the motor cool down.

  • Can start with pressure, and continuous work.

  • Working pressure adjuster with Gauge

  • Suitable for Airbrush with Nozzle: 0.2-1.0mm

  • Durable aluminum alloy with On / Off switch

  • Portable with a easy carrying Handle

  • Type: Single Cylinder Piston

  • Power: 1/5 Horse Power

  • Speed: 1450 / 17000 RPM

  • Voltage: 110-120V / 60Hz

  • Air Flow: 20~23 Liter / Min

  • Air Outlet: 1/8" BSP male 

  • Includes: Dual Airbrush Holder

  • Includes: Air Inlet and Outlet Filter

  • Includes: 6 ft Air Hose with air-proof rubber, 1/8" Connector

  • Compressor Dimension: 10" x 5.3" x 8

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