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Foredom Power Carving System CC-Series With Accessories Set
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Foredom Power Carving System CC-Series With Accessories Set

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SKU: CC-Series-3821813330
Weight: 6 kg, 0 grams
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Brand: Touch DIY
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Foredom flexible shaft power tool, it can be used for grinding, sanding, carving, buffing, and drilling. The variable speed foot control provides the right speed for any accessory or application. The lightweight handpieces run smooth and stay cool. The ball bearing, fan cooled motors are easy to maintain and economical to operate. It's the perfect power tool for woodcarvers, taxidermists, mold makers and sculptors.


•FOREDOM C.C. - 20,000 rpm Flex Shaft, Rotary Tool.
•Available 110 - 120 volt version & 220 - 240 volt version.
•C.C. a great feature for all users.
•1/6 hp, Ball bearing design, hang-up style motor.
•Speed up to 20,000 rpm.
•Complete with pedal , flexible shaft and Hand piece.
•FCT Speed Control , comes in a duty heavy plastic.
•Universal Hand piece with key versatile for many uses.
•Popular with Stone Setters, Gold & Metal Smiths, Model Making.
•Will accept all American Type Quick Connect Hand pieces.
•Power Supply AC : 110-120 volt or 220-240 volt.

Package Include:

Foredom Power Carving System CC-Series x1

Rotary Tool Hanger x1

102pcs Accessories x1

6Pc Mini HSS Sawing Wheel Set x1

Dialux Bleu Wax x1

1" Leather Buffing Wheel x1

15 HSS Steel Carbide Twist Drill Bits - 0.3mm to 1mm x1

15pcs HSS Steel Carbide Micro Twist Drill Bits - 1.05mm to 2mm x1

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