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Nu Flare Rebel 90 LED Power Flash Light
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Nu Flare Rebel 90 LED Power Flash Light

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SKU: Nu Flare 90
Weight: 300 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: NuFlare
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210 Lumens 13 hours
Focus Control LED Illumination
1 X Flood - 4X Spot
Tactical Switch - Momentary oor Constant - ON
Special Torch - End Design Prevents "Slip of Hand" Condition
Water Resistant

Operation : Press the ON/OFF Button for Momentary or Constant-ON
Battery Type :Twist Torch Head for FOCUS CONTROL [Rightward for SPOT Beam & Leftward for FLOOD Beam !
Battery Life : 2 x 3V CR123A Lithium Batteries [Included]
Bule Type : 13hrs [Maximum Output : 2 hrs]
Output Power : 1 X Luxeon Rebel 90 White LED
Accessories : Up to 210 Lumens
Size : Carrying Strap
Weight : 84.5g [with Batteries]
Diameter : 27.5mm x 113mm
Battery Replacement : 1. Unscrew the end cap and remove it from the unit.
2. Remove old batteries and replace two 3V CR123A lithium batteries, positive end of batteries first, and then replace the end cap
Bulb Replacement : LED never needs to be replaced 

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