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Dual Action Crown Needle Airbrush Gun (0.2mm)
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Dual Action Crown Needle Airbrush Gun (0.2mm)

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SKU: Crown-Needle-100100100362
Weight: 400 grams
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Double function airbrush realises the simultaneous regulation of air volume and paint volume with the operating lever: by pressing down the lever you can regulate the airflow, by turning it back(at the same time) you can regulate the paint volume. By activating the control lever downwards, the compressed air flows forwards, out off the needle cap. First by pressing the control lever backwards, the paint comes out of the nozzle and is sprayed on the object due to the air pressure. The more one presses the control lever backwards, the more paint is sprayed. It is recommanded to use a double action airbrush from the beginning. The maximun paint volume can be adjusted at the back by paint volume adjusting screw. 


Feed Type: Gravity
Standard NozzleDia :0.2mm
Cup Capacity: 13cc

Working Pressure: 15-50psi
Double-actionTrigger Air paint Control.

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