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Ultrasonic Cleaner (DSA-50)

Ultrasonic Cleaner (DSA-50)

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  • The cleaning effect is obviously. The cleaned objects can be seen twinkling and shining after cleaning.
  • It can complete the cleaning functions that all traditional technology cannot do. Such as the dead of denture, toothbrush, printer and pen head, parts of machine, and intricate components.
  • Delicate design of cover reduce the noises effectively.
  • Good capability of waterproof, the products are safer and more durable.



  • Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Badge, Stickpin;
  • Glasses, Watch bands, Household hardware, Pen-head, Printer-heads;
  • Dentures, Toothbrushes, cosmetic, Razors, Comb, Disc;
  • Parts of car and motorcycle, Golf appliance;
  • Lab tools, instrument and fitting;
  • Supplier of electronic horologe and artware.
  • Bird nest cleaning

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